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So, yeah. It's been quiet here for a reason. 
I'm working my ASS off but also slowly building a new website 
that will hopefully make things a lot easier for both You and me.
Sorry for the silence. But I DO promise there's a lot of epic stuff coming!

You can still find me on Facebook or Instagram
See ya soon!

XAOS / Fever / 2017 / collection

Designer Liina Adamson-Ehte


Autoportrait mode,

angels on the sideline
puzzled and amused
why did father give these humans free will
now they're all confused


 I've been busy lately, first with graduating art school and now with all the summer festivals going on.
Far from dead, which is the main reason I haven't refreshed this page. But I will try to make time for updates.

This one's from an album cover shoot I made about a month ago.
Thought it'd be a waste of paint not to shoot something personal too.
But the album design will be ready soon, so stay tuned!

Dramamama @ Athena Keskus 09/06/17


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